Book Review of Don’t Ask by B.K. Dell

Caleb Hertz is just a man who wants to be a Marine. And what is wrong with that? Nothing, as it should be only the USMC disagree. Why? Because of one simple fact, Private First Class Hertz is gay. That’s right G A Y. And to the Marine Corps that might as well stand for Get Away You.

The book seems to be set in a time where “Don’t ask Don’t tell” is about to be appealed. How is it known that PFC Hertz is gay? You might be surprised at the answer.
With a drill instructor the living embodiment of drill instructor Hartman in Full Metal Jacket.

Hertz is all but convinced he has made a mistake joining the USMC when he makes an unlikely friend.
Just as it seems his fellow Marines see him as a brother Hertz has to go through the process twice more before his story continues.

When I started to read this book I was under the false impression it was based on True events which I learned by the half way mark was not the fact.
I may have spotted it sooner if I had any knowledge of the USMC. I was, at least, enjoying Hertz conviction and fight.

However, by the end I was lost about what this book was trying to say.
Was it trying to say:

A) Marine’s are not homophobic
B) Christians are not homophobic
C) Both

I am left wondering if this is the whole reason for the book?
It seemed that for every question about Homosexuality the answer was a religious one. Not necessarily negative but religious none the less. Why? Are there no other sources available for answers?

I believed every moment of this book until the “Friendly Fire incident” and honestly I think the book should have ended there. Or at the very least stayed with Jackson. I understand why we were thrown from place to place but I really think the story could have gained more traction in one place. Instead it was more like a scene from A Few Good Men.

Yes, it showed what can happen to the family of Marine’s but by in large these were characters we had never heard of or only in passing. I had not gained enough about them to care much. I think it would have been pages better dedicated to Jackson’s or Ms Hobbs’s suffering.

I also felt that the bible played too big a role in this book. I did like some of the passages such as Psalm 121 and some of Jackson’s reasoning such as “A fear-based system of morality is no morality at all.”

By the end of the book I felt like religion had been more center stage then the USMC or gay rights. I won’t even start about the strange ramblings about “Muslims” other to acknowledge that like any group of anything in existence there are good and bad.
To be honest If I were not reviewing this and simply reading for enjoyment I would have DNF’ed this book.

When groups of mixed sex were mentioned the men were always angry and shouting and the women always “wiping tears way” or crying, this I disliked a lot. The women in the book also seem two dimensional as they are only ever spoken about as wives, girlfriends and daughters. Their lives beyond such are never mentioned.

And while the book also had both sides of the story it seemed almost acceptable for the USMC to lie and no one else. I hate the pretense that a salt grain of truth counts in a hand full of salt lies.

If, however GI Jane (substitute woman for gay man), Full Metal Jacket, A Few Good Men and a Bible sound like your type of boot camp this is definitely the book for you.


Only two wands /*/*

Book Review: Soulbinder (Spellslinger #4)

Soulbinder is the fourth book in the Spellslinger series. It is our first look at what life is like for Kellen now without Ferius. Of course it is not long before Kellen and Reichis find themselves in trouble.
The pair have followed rumors of a brotherhood who suffer with the Shadowblack, and who supposedly live at The Ebony Abbey. Where ever that is.
Kellen has heard that the monks might even know how to cure the Shadowblack.
Then something awful happens and Kellen must continue his journey alone.


Without Ferius or Reichis, Kellen is the adorable idiot we know him to be.

As ever it seems like the book wants us to delve deeper into the understanding of good and evil. Can someone be good and their actions evil. Does blood bond us more than choices? Or are we only truly family to those who support us and share in our troubles, regardless of blood. Who do you trust when lives could be lost?!

Unlike the previous three books, Soulbinder is much less predictable and without his two friends Kellen’s story does not fall into old patterns. Though as I said Kellen is still not too smart with his choices there are some notable changes. I’m not sure I would have known who the “Bad guys” were in this one. The book feels more mature with more nudity and intimacy.

This book seemed like a good character ark, along with some new information that might be foreshadowing. It may not effect Kellen’s current situation but may decide the future for all of the Jan’tep.

I found it difficult at first to imagine Kellen without Ferius and Reichis but I hung in there. I was glad I did, particularity for the character Butelios. Also has Kellen actually managed to use some of the Argosi ways?! Maybe he wont be so useless after all.

I would have really given this 5 wands but I couldn’t get over the heartache it caused me so I’m sorry but it was 4 wands from me. In the end all I can say is that I can’t wait to read Queenslayer.

This time I will be Ready for the Silk mage that is Sebastien de Castell.

4 Wands /*/*/*/*

Book Review: I Know an Artist

I Know An Artist is a book which intend to show connections between different artists, whether that is one artist being inspired by another or that the two artists were friends.

Though I like the work of Sarah Papworth and her interpretations or the artists own art to create their face I think that for readers who do not know much about the artists in the book, it may come across as confusing.

Having personally studied art for some time I must admit that though this book’s cover called to me,. even I struggled with caring about the artists I didn’t already know. I found myself skipping to the next artist I knew.

The text often started with a spoiler so even if I didn’t already know the artist I was told something that was out of chronological order and felt like a pointless read. For example If I know when or at what age the artist died before I even know what they created it meant I was less interested.

I liked the premise of the book, it is not often you get to know much about an artists life I just felt with interpenetrated art, text in a non-chronicle order and strong terminology even I struggled with the book.

I think this is probably a book more suited to someone with a lot of art knowledge as someone like me would have to look up a lot of the terminology.

Though it may not be something I would read cover to cover I did enjoy reading about the life of each of the artists I did know. I would be happy to own a copy even if I keep it on my coffee table for the odd perusal.


Firstly, apologies for my extremely long absence but there had been a lot going on this side of the keyboard.
The Major thing was that I have moved. Not far I still live in the same town in the same county in Ireland but it has still been quite stressful the moving date was changed several times and I still can’t believe I have all my hair.
Unfortunately moving day was not the end of my stress as several things were wrong with the house or broken and this meant arranging them to get fixed.
At one point I thought I was going to constantly be on the phone for the rest of my life. Just as the situation with the house came under control I got ill.
I had a cold to begin with but just as it started to shift I developed a chest infection which may sound like a small deal it really drained me as I have several heart problems.

During the time I tried to continue with my research for my original writing but it did slow me down somewhat. I did try to keep my Instagram updated and even started a new one that focused on my OG writing but the idea of a full blown blog entry was daunting.

I did also continue to update my Goodreads, my NetGalley was suffering from a loss of love but I managed to get my hands on a physical copy of Frankissstein by Jeanette Winterson. I’m currently having difficulty with reading digital copies from NetGalley but hopefully I will get new tech soon which should solve this.

My poor fur baby and my sisters fur baby both developed kennel cough, no idea how they are too papered and spoiled to set foot in a kennel.
Hugo my sisters dog is more affected the poor thing. My Bellatrix (belly) seems to be over the worst.

I have also returned to counselling as I am beginning to show signs of PTSD due to trauma the most recent of which accrued in 2017. Sufficed to say I won’t be going into detail other than to say I have a really good counselor who I have seen in the past.

During my absence I have also dealt with/ celebrated the 30th anniversary of my father’s death, the 2nd anniversary of the trauma I mentioned, my nephews 10th birthday and his sisters, my nieces first birthday, supporting a loved one throw their divorce which they happily received recently, and the 10 year anniversary of a loved ones lifesaving surgery. Not forgetting my Mothers third wedding which I did not attend.

Somehow I’m still motoring which means that now I am trying to focus on my original writing, reviewing books, and the upcoming #Believeathon.
Hopefully after the New Year I should also be creating YouTube content. I had hoped to do so sooner but technology conspired against me so I’ve had to prioritise.

Some updates with what I am reading and watching.

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A review of Basquiat: A Graphic Novel
by Paolo Parisi

This graphic novel was about the young artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Though it gives some back story to his early life we mainly explore his rise to fame.

Parisi uses the voices of those who knew Basquiat to narrate the story. This gives the graphic novel a feeling of closeness between the reader and Basquiat. Parisi was not afraid to broach such topics as drug use or Basquiat’s relationships.

The use of only a few bold colours manages to give the work a POP art feel yet still convey emotion. Parisi manages to balance this well with the use of text, neither one overriding the other. The drawing style was realistic enough to keep the story grounded yet it left enough blankness for the reader to be able to imprint on it. For instance, the picture of Warhol and Basquiat in their side-by-side boxing glove pose was so recognisable to me that it didn’t matter that their faces were absent in the graphic novel, I saw them anyway.

Parisi took a big risk with the opening scene in the book. Personally, I already knew how it would end having just studied Basquiat’s work at college. However, I think this was a good hook for the rest of the book and I would probably surprise people that Basquiat was not close to his father.

I was equally taken with the end of the Novel. How Parisi tied Basquiat’s childhood accident with his death. How Parisi used the heart from Gray’s Anatomy to explain his death, beautiful in a morbid way. The heart felt as though it was real, the most 3D piece of the whole novel.

Having only recently studied Basquiat in college at the age of 32 I can honestly say I would have rathered studied him in secondary school instead of Warhol. Had I had this book in secondary school (high school) I think it would have made a difference to the level of interest I paid art, which was already high, I would have been much more interested in graphic novels at any rate. I’m not sure parents would agree but that is a different matter.

This graphic shows just how much of an artist Basquiat was, and not just as a painter but as a musician, writer and how he used these talents in a political way, even for a time.

I would say that this book and Basquiat’s life in general, give us several morals to live by. Be careful your dream doesn’t ruin your life, trust a few, take care of yourself.

I would definitely recommend this book to fans of art or those who read books about influential people of the ’80s.

A Curse so Dark and Misogynistic

When it comes to A Curse so Dark and Lonely saying it based on Beauty and the Beast, is somewhat of a giveaway. A human named Harper is abducted by a soldier called Gray.

We soon discover that Harper has Cerebral Palsy, not that this prevents her from making valiant attempts to be free.

Prince Rhen while good looking and with a thin charm is not prepared for what, courageous and independent, or who, stubborn strong willed woman, Harper is.

Rhen does not realize what Harper’s abduction has cost her. Her brother maybe murdered and her mother dead yet she sits in a gilded room being groomed into loving Rhen. Rhen is in his human form he will not transform for some time and hopes he will have convinced Harper to love him by then. Meanwhile, Rhen has to stop an invading Queen.

Family, Monster, Family, invading Queen, Family.

Harper is trapped by more than just the curse.

I found the chronic use of cliches/ tropes annoying and lazy. There was no clear change in a language outside of dialogue. Rhen’s thoughts were not in old English as his dialogue was and he almost never seemed to have trouble understanding Harper though she used modern words.

Magic seemed to explain away any plot hole.

Though I grew to admire Harper, I also have a condition/disability. However, the level of misogyny in the book really did annoy me.

Harper’s brother Jake treats her like she is vulnerable and incapable of looking after herself because of her condition.

Rhen does not see her as incapable but does see her as a girl and a chance to break his course. He also speaks to and about her in a way I feel is demeaning to women. This may be the thing that is supposed to change through the book but it fails. Near the end, Rhen tells Gray he can see there is a connection between Gray and Harper. Rhen tells Gray to go and get Harper, to be with her if things go badly. Eh is Harper his prized pig? to give to someone if he can’t have her?

Also, there is a part of the book that sounds laughable. Rhen tells a character he is not a person who would force himself on a woman, later he tells Harper there is no greater crime in his land. Right this from a guy who has women abducted and tries to groom them into loving him? This from a prince who was cursed for having sex with an enchantress he didn’t love. I’m sure he didn’t touch any of the abducted, groomed women. It would seem that abduction and grooming are not such important crimes.

In fact when Rhen lists his guilt the “girls” he has been abducting do not seem to get a mention and he only feels guilt at abducting Harper.

I managed to finish this book as it was part of a readathon. As for Gray’s story line, I saw it coming almost at once.

2/5 wands /*/*

#Bookreview #BrigidKemmerer #ACurseSoDarkAndLonely

V for Venom

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-03 at 11.31.16This new incarnation of Venom was given much hype even before there was a trailer.
In this Sony production a video journalist who prided himself on being the one to brake a story or expose cover ups, Eddie Brock stumbles into something not even he can comprehend.
After a confrontation with one of the world’s leading inventors Carlton Drack who is also head of the Life Foundation, Brock is fired and loses the woman he loves.
Feeling sorry for himself the last thing Brock wants is to get mixed up with Life Foundation again. Scientist Dora Skirth tells Brock people are dying and so he feels duty bound to investigate.
Skirth smuggles Brock into the labs at the Life Foundation centre. Here Brock encounters a friend, he tries to free her but in doing so she dies and leaves Brock with a dangerous infection. An infection known as Venom.
Fight scenes in sew and by the end it is symbiote against symbiote.
What is an alien movie without a romance? Though Eddie is trying to save the world and live with a symbiote inside him he also tries to get his ex-fiancée back as well as restart his career.
There is only so much one person can achieve, even if they do have an alien parasite inside them.

As someone with little knowledge of the Venom story I was unsure just how much I would like this move. Previously I had only seen the character of venom in Spiderman 3 (2007) as played by Topher Grace.
Of course, I had watched the new Venom trailers but found it hard to understand the deep hissing voice emanating from Venom.
Thankfully this was not the case when I bought the movie from Sky. I understood Venom perfectly.

I found the movie entertaining and funny however something seemed to be missing. Perhaps the missing element was Spiderman or any other super/anti-hero. While I think Tom Hardy and the rest of the cast did a good job it didn’t blow me away.
Another contributing factor is probably that the majority of the best parts of the movie were in the trailers, too often a mistake by movie makers.

Taking all of this into account I am still looking forward to the sequel particularly Woody Harrelson’s portrait of Carnage.

3/5 Wands /*/*/*

The Greatest Showman or Complete Conman

person about to catch four dices
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Set in the late 1800’s this is a movie about one of the most famous “showman” P. T. Barnum. For 105 minuets we are shown the life and successes of P.T. We meet his “Freak show” acts and see how he acquires them.

To begin with we are shown P.T. as a mistreated child and eventually as a struggling office clerk who has overcome class division to marry the woman he loves, a well to do woman who is disinherited upon her marriage to P.T.

P.T. loses his job due to the company being liquidated. He has to return home on one of his daughter’s birthdays jobless and prospect less. P.T. whips together a toy out of the junk in his brief case.
Soon after P.T. manages to con – yes con – a bank into giving him a humongous loan.

He secures it without consulting his wife, Charity. P.T. uses the money to buy an old rundown museum. Though he gives the venture all he has, financially and physically, it fails to do as well as he had hoped.

That is until he starts to add in his “freaks” to the show. In the movie we see how P.T. convinces Charles Stratton to join his show by saying he will make him a general. After first telling Stratton “People laugh at you anyway why not get paid for it?”.

He hears Lettie Lutz singing and is adamant he needs her for his show. He is taken aback when he sees she is a bearded lady. It is then his daughter convinces her to join their “Freak show”.

When Barnum feels he has his cast he re-invents his museum calling it a circus. Things began well for Barnum and he was cultivating a crowd but soon there is uneasy in society about the open presences of these “Freaks”.

A side story line that has begun to appear is the love story between Phillip Carlyle and Anne Wheeler, who is considered a “freak” because she is a black trapes artist.

Barnum now having a successful circus decides he wants more and finds Jenny Lind. A famous Swedish opera singer Lind has yet to break America and Barnum wants to be the one to help her achieve this. Focusing on Lind, Barnum all but forgets his “freaks”.

Just as unrest becomes unbearable Barnum’s circus is burned down. Facing ruin Charity takes the children and returns to her parents.

Left with the idea that he will lose not only his fortune but also his family Barnum must think of a solution and fast.

Barnum has an epiphany, not just to stop putting Lind first, but also with no money for a new building to house the circus Barnum decides to save the circus he must use a tent.

There are musical numbers and dance sequence through out and all is well that ends well.

It seems that for the most part this movie is basically a work of fiction. Yes P.T. Barnum did exist but he was a long way from the kind hearted “freak” lover this movie paints him as.

For a start our bearded lady Lettie Lutz, is partial based on Annie Jones who Barnum bought from her parents when she was just nine months old.

Much of the story in the movie was twisted to show Barnum in a good way. Though the movie makes it seem that Barnum created the first “Circus” this is not true.

Not much of the movie seems to be based on real events at all. Here we see a doting father who couldn’t care more for his daughters when in real life Barnum was so disappointed in not having a son that he left his fortune to his grandson on the proviso that he double barrels his name to include Barnum.

With the hype this movie achieved I was devastated as I watched this “Amazing” movie over Christmas.

A wish-list cast and “great” sound track meant that I accepted the hype no question. Having failed to see it in the cinema I was delighted to find out that Sky had gifted it to me.

I set aside time specifically to enjoy it. No guests or food to look after just me and Hugh Jackman.

Though the romance at the start was utter cliché it didn’t put me off. I was transported when Barnum created a wishing machine for his girls.

15 minutes in and I should have stopped there. There is no doubt that the acting was good but it was bulldozed by everything else. The little to no facts, the clunky 90’s graphics and yes the un-synchronized dancing and sound-samey music.

The “love story” between Charles and Annie that was tacked on like an afterthought.

How romanticized the use of “freaks” were. As someone with a disability albeit a very discreet one, I couldn’t have found this more insulting.

Yes, people with deformities and disabilities worked in “freak shows” this, unfortunately was one of the only few ways in which these people could find work, and some small amount of money and or freedom. This does not mean that people like Barnum didn’t taking advantage, they did.

What kind of person buy’s someone else’s baby? And what kind of parent sells it?

These may be disturbing truths but what is more disturbing is the Hollywood spin on it.

I found it really annoyingly clenched that Charles falls for the most beautiful “freak”. If the makers were going to lie about everything else why not lie and have him fall in love with Lettie Lutz? Yes of course race is still a big issue, not least here in Ireland, and I do think it is important to address it. Having said that Annie is not, at least in modern day society, considered unattractive. Two “attractive” people fall in love? Stop the presses!

All in all, it lied to us, board me, and about the only issues not romanticized were class distinctions and racism.

For someone like me who is a working class, disabled, anti-racism, anti-sexism, etc. woman it was borderline torture to watch. I have heard rumors that there is a sequel coming out, I won’t be seeing that.

Had it not been for the glitzy cast I don’t think this movie would have done as well as it did. I don’t see much of anything that is redeemable about it.

2/5 wands /*/* -C.P.W.

The Crimes of J.K

If you are in any way like me you have been planning your excursion to Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald for about a year.

Though I devoured all the trailers the movie still had so many surprises on the night. I went to see the movie with a sister and my nephew.

The premise is simple, Grindelwald is to finally be tried for his crimes in Europe so must be transferred from the US to London, during which he escapes.

Free and at-large Grindelwald now presses on with his plan, gaining followers and fast. With fear still ripe in Paris Grindelwald convinces the magic community that if they do not follow him the Muggle community will bring another war.

The Ministry of Magic has grounded Newt, he is on their no-apparate list. There is one way the Ministry will lift this ban. Newt must agree to go to Paris and hunt down Credence bringing him in any way possible.

Newt is morally against this because he didn’t want to arrest Credence he wanted to help Credence. Newt knew that the Ministry didn’t want to help him but to contain him.

Newt went to the Ministry to discuss this and here we met Leta Lestrange, Newt’s future sister-in-law. It is evident that there is something more between Leta and Newt. Then we meet Newt’s brother Theseus Scamander, unlike his younger brother Theseus is broad and dark-haired.

Having told the Ministry to stick it Newt is about to leave the Ministry, Theseus gives Newt a hug. “They’re watching you,” his bother warns him in a whisper.

While in his basement Newt heard something breaking upstairs, he goes to investigate it and finds Jacob and Queenie. At once it looks as though Jacob is sick but without inquiring into this Newt runs to the door and calls for Tina,  it is revealed she is in Paris.

Jacobs actions are clumsy and Queenie suggests they all sit down to dinner. With his mind off Tina, Newt realises what is wrong with Jacob.

Jacob looks out his own eyes and sees that everything is pink and with radiating hearts. By now any Potterhead would know the signs. Queenie begs Newt to leave Jacob alone, to allow her to conclude her plan. Again Newt’s morals just won’t allow this. With a wave of his wand, Newt is congratulating Jacob on his engagement.

Words pass between the lovers and it is not long before the audience realises why it was that Queenie had Jacob under a love potion. Queenie storms out and disapparates leaving  Jacob in the rain.

This is of course when Dumbledore turns up. Newt is adamant he doesn’t want to get involved, in the search for Credence, he definitely doesn’t want to break the law. Dumbledore, on the other hand, convinces him that he, Dumbledore, is only offering a place of safety should the law be bent by accident.

(Que twinkle in eye)

Dumbledore is offering Newt the chance to save Credence and stop Grindelwald. Though Newt wants to do both but is reluctant to move against the Ministry. With Queenie running away to Tina in Paris and Dumbledore believing that Credence and Grindelwald are also there, Newt feels he has no choice but to reunite Jacob and Queenie, tell Tina that it is his brother getting married, not him, and, if possible save Credence from Grindelwald.

Keep your eyes peeled for Nickolas Flamel in Paris.

Credence has found his way into a circus as a cleaner. While travelling with this group Credence has fallen in love with Nagini. A beautiful woman who is also a Maledictus, she can shift from a snake into a woman and back. However, over time it becomes harder to turn back, one day she will remain in her snake form.

Nagini and Credence decide to run away from the circus together. Credence uses his freedom to search for the truth about his family.

When Newt turns down the trip to find Credence on the Ministry’s behalf they employ Grimmson instead. Only Grimmson has an ulterior motive and is using the Ministry to help Grindelwald find Credence first.

You would think with Tina, Newt, Grimmson and Grindelwald all looking for Credence this might just be enough, you would be wrong. This plot is about to take a twist the size of Gringotts. Enter Yusuf Kama, no idea who that is? you are not alone. It turns out that Leta Lestrange was not an only child, in fact, she had a half-brother.

This boy was believed to have a special power, some think that this prophecy was about Credence. Kama is one of them, however, he doesn’t want to kill Credence for this. If Credence is the lost heir Kama wants to kill him because  Leta’s father, Lestrange, hypnotised Kama’s mother to leave the family. She later died giving birth to Leta.

On his father’s deathbed, Kama made the unbreakable vow, promising to kill the one thing Lestrange loved most in the world which was his son.

Kama moves in to kill Credence when Leta tells the terrible truth. Credence cannot be the lost Lestrange heir because Leta killed her brother when he was a baby. Replacing her brother with another baby close by, Leta left the sinking ship and got on a lifeboat. She watched as her brother and the woman who held him both drowned.

Credence was the baby who made it to America but he was not the Lestrange baby. It seemed that even though Kama bore the mark of the unbreakable vow he had no vow to fulfil.

Using the Lestrange story Grindelwald conscripted his audience to the Lestrange crypt He stood in the centre of a church like auditorium and spouted propaganda. Using the future to fill witches and wizards with fear. Fear of war and of actions by the muggles, fear of one another while proclaiming only to love.

Sides are chosen and some leave us more than bereft. Blue flames spring up around Grindelwald and only the truly devout can make it through.

Her last action is to protect those she loves and in doing so Leta forfeits her life. The dark side now have Credence and Queenie, and we “the good guys” are again left asking what was it all for? the greater good?


The movie was filmed elegantly, with the use of camera angles and graphics, it gave movement and lightness to the magic.

People being incorporated into the moving bricks of buildings, Nagini transforming into the sake, even the dark, black, viscus fabric that appears on the streets of Paris, covering the surrounding buildings.

The action moved too fast at times with so many characters to try to keep in mind. It took me quite a few minutes to realise the dark figure that had saved Jacob was Tina.

While a much darker movie than the first, it still had a few laugh out loud moments. With the return of some fury favourites and new monsters, you’ll be afraid to blink.

Grindelwald’s followers’ actions are conducted in Gestapo like movements. They move ruthlessly and kill without compassion, even ending the life of a muggle toddler.

The script was not perhaps as fluffy and light as the first movie but this is to be expected when dealing with such a dark plot. Growing darker just as they did in Harry Potter.

As for the acting, not once did any of the acting cause me to doubt that I was in the magical world and that it was in danger.

Of all the newcomers, for me, the acting of both Zoë Kravitz and Claudia Kim. Their acting skills added to those of returning cast, in particular, the brilliance of Grindelwald played by Johnny Deep and the ever-changing Credence played by Ezra Miller.

In a category, all of their own were the cast playing younger incarnations of the main cast. Thea Lamb and Ruby Woolfenden who both play Leta at different times in her childhood and Joshua Shea’s astounding portrayal of a young Newt.

Credit where it is due, Jude did an incredible job as a younger Dumbledore, however, I still miss the Irish accent.


Though I was shocked at parts, upset and downright traumatized when Credence’s “real name” is revealed, sorry you’ll have to watch the movie for that secret, I loved it more than I thought I would. I left with more questions than when I arrived.

As ever we see how thin the vapour is between good and evil, right and wrong. A longing for love and acceptance has pushed both Queenie and Credence to the place Newt didn’t want them to go.

Personally, I liked the look into the relationship between Grindelwald and Dumbledore. I felt it was needed to explain why Dumbledore was reluctant to fight Grindelwald. I thought it was a nice touch to use the Mirror of Erised.

Did Dumbledore’s interfering cause more harm than good? It seems that Dumbledore is old hat at using his students to get what he wants and I’m not sure he is all too bothered by that. After all wasn’t Leta a past student?! So I wonder when it all comes down to it is losing students like Leta and Harry (yes I know he comes back) but is it all just……..for the greater good?



4/5 wands /* /* /* /*                                                                                             –C.P.W